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If you are feeling sad, stressed out, angry, lonely, bored, rejected, alienated, overwhelmed, scattered, sick, stiff, lazy , etc .... whatever it is, I have the remedy. THE PUMP IS THE CURE. You suck it up and prescribe yourself a hefty dose of heavy metal, you pump iron and sweat it off. I guarantee you will feel better. You can always rely on the gym and getting a pump to fight disease. "Dis - ease", not at ease.  Next time you are at unease remember : THE PUMP IS THE CURE.

Carry the message of this principle on a high quality black tank top and show the world the sick pumps you get. Remind them that we can always rely on working out to recenter ourselves. Get yours today and don't forget to tag @antoinev87 and the hash tag #thepumpisthecure for a possible story repost!